Learn how to turn your drawings into 3D files, in this video tutorial I created for Shapeways

Solidoodle uses my design to show off their 3D printer to CNN, right before the NY 3D Print Expo

New Tutorial on Shapeways

Hey Everyone! 

Check out this tutorial I wrote that you can find on Shapeways.com


Solidoodle posts a pendant I designed and printed!

Solidoodle blogs my little armchair!

Solidoodle tweets the lamb I designed and printed!

Solidoodle tweets the Wizard Shadow Puppet I designed and printed!

Work in Progress:

I still need to finish texturing and then start the rigging and animation, but I wanted to share the model so far. Its based on “Automaton Repairman” by Carlos Zapata. You can see it in action on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSNoh2uees8