New Tutorial on Shapeways

Hey Everyone! 

Check out this tutorial I wrote that you can find on

Solidoodle posts a pendant I designed and printed!

Solidoodle blogs my little armchair!

Solidoodle tweets the lamb I designed and printed!

Solidoodle tweets the Wizard Shadow Puppet I designed and printed!

Work in Progress:

I still need to finish texturing and then start the rigging and animation, but I wanted to share the model so far. Its based on “Automaton Repairman” by Carlos Zapata. You can see it in action on youtube:

Check out the new Asylum film, 40 Days and Nights! I worked as a digital modeler creating assets for one of the main environments.

A New Tool

Hey All!

Its been a while since I posted last and mainly because I’ve been so busy. Paradux Comics is on a temporary hiatus, since I’ve moved to Orlando in June to study at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios. It is a year long intensive where I’ll be learning modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, animation, mocap, visual fx and actually apply my skills in a production environment where students make a short movie in 3 months at the end.  Aware of the online resources that could help me expand my skill set into CG, I decided on returning to school so I could learn in a group setting. I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned modeling from William Vaughan the past three months and just started the animation block with Dave West.  I love working with a team and can personally gain so much more from working with others than I could alone. 

Upon arriving at the school, I had my heart set on specializing in modeling considering my past experience doing traditional sculpture.  Yet as of late, I’ve been working on keeping an open mind to the whole pipeline. The more I learn the more fascinating it becomes. At first I admit I was nervous about making the transition from traditional mediums like sculpture and puppetry to CG, but now I can happily say that I find the same gratification I would in completing a figurative sculpture or puppet that I do in completing a polygonal model.  Once an artist embraces a new tool, whether it be a paintbrush or 3d software, a whole new world opens.